eCommerce Integrations

Mailchimp offers a growing list of eCommerce integrations. I was a part of the team tasked with improving the experience for successful connection.

The growing list of eCommerce integrations help small businesses become more efficient, better marketers. The integration experience is key to build this foundation.

My roles

  • Worked with a big team: PM, engineers, support, content writer, researcher
  • Worked with third party teams (such as Shopify) to ensure their brand consistency
  • Created mockups

With the help of qualitative and quantitative data, the team gained understanding of the experience gap.

Wireframe showing user flow

Concept wireframe for eCommerce integration

We prioritized key improvements such as:

  • A searchable directory page: we made it scalable and easier to add new integrations
  • Clearer detail pages: we added a more robust detail page with screenshots of the steps, technical requirements and degree of difficulty.
  • Along with improvements to those pages, we automated the connection of integration to prevent drop-off as much as possible. This was proven to be a big technical lift, but crucial to the experience improvements.

The results

  • The survey after new experience launch showed a significant lift of the experience marker
  • Unsuccessful connection numbers dropped

Integration apps page

App details page includes additional information