Page Flow Card

Introduction to pathing analysis

Page Flow Card

Fullstory introduced Page Flow for micro user journey analysis.

My Roles

  • Worked with product team and prioritized problems to solve
  • Prototyped concepts and interaction
  • Facilitated user interviews & testing of concepts
  • Worked with engineering teams to bring feature to life
  • Iterated with customer feedback after Beta launch

The Project

Page Flow Dashboard Card

Page Flow is a visualization of pathing analysis that shows how users flow through a Page. This visualization is part of a Dashboard in Fullstory.

However, there’s more than meets the eye. This feature is powered by a machine-learned algorithm, which makes capturing tagless data possible. The algorithm groups URLs automatically, then generates the pages. This allows for faster exploration, without the burden of tagging each page that could take years to do.

This project is part of a more robust Pathing capabilities in Fullstory. Our team delivered this tool to test some of our hypotheses.

The Result

With Page Flow, our customers can:

  • See the previous and next pages from a given page.
  • See the percentage and count of page views that were “Entry” or “Exit” pages, where the user started or ended on that page.
  • Watch user sessions that correlate with any Page Flow path
Page Flow Dashboard Card Page Flow Dashboard Card
The Page Flow card lets customers monitor their previous and next page path on their Dashboards.