I help product teams succeed.

I have two decades of experience in the digital design, covering projects from websites to web applications in public sector and global companies. During the time, I've been leading experience design from analytics and marketing, to accounting and recruiting.

In my spare time, I love to work on coding and illustrations projects.

My Experience

  • FullStory Lead Product Designer (current)
  • Mailchimp Senior Product Designer
  • Career Builder Senior Interaction Designer
  • Sage North America Senior UX Architect
  • Georgia.gov Lead UX Designer

How I work with teams

  • Foster relationships - Develop trust with stakeholders, partners, and users
  • Think in systems - Find common themes, patterns and paradigms
  • Tell stories - Use analogies, visuals and prototypes to bring people along the journey
  • Workshop ideas - Get alignment and bring all solutions together
  • Teach back - Mentor and shape other growing designers

In addition to design, my world is filled with watercolor experiments, travel and food.

Let's chat over a good cup of tea.